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Canonical has released the latest version of Ubuntu ‘Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark‘. Ubuntu 17.10 is the first to return to the GNOME run-time following the decision to abandon Unity 8. That means the next release of Ubuntu will be the first in years to bring about some major change. That change comes by way of the one-two punch of GNOME Shell and Wayland.



GNOME 3.26 is the version you’ll get in Ubuntu 17.10. It will offer the Wayland session along with an session. GNOME replaces Unity as the default desktop. LightDM which was the default Display Manager with previous versions of Ubuntu is being replaced by GDM (GNOME Display Manager).

One of the major changes is in Ubuntu 17.10, you’ll find the Windows control buttons on the right side by default. If you are still a fan of windows control on the left, you can change it using GNOME Tweak Tool. Ubuntu 17.10 will automatically switch sound output when you plug in a Bluetooth speaker or headset. The 32-bit desktop ISO for Ubuntu 17.10 won’t be available anymore as Ubuntu pushes for dropping 32-bit support.

Personally, I prefer Unity desktop in Ubuntu. However, Changes are good!

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