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We all aware that Ubuntu discontinued it’s free CD distribution program and also discontinued traditional livecd due to the size factor of it’s upcoming version 12.10. The Ubuntu 12.10 image sums up-to 800MB and thus making it difficult to fit in traditional CD. Now, Ubuntu will start DVD distribution with the release of Ubuntu 12.10  [ Read More ]

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Microsoft’s decision to use a hardware-based secure boot protocol known as Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) in Windows 8 rather than the traditional BIOS had caused much controversy in Linux World. Secure Boot rather known as Restricted Boot is designed to protect against malware by preventing computers from loading unauthorized binary programs when booting. In  [ Read More ]

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We all know that after 10.04LTS,  Ubuntu embarrassed the evolving purple salad wallpaper. A softer and warmer mixture of Purple and Orange colour has been chosen and will be the default wall paper for Ubuntu 12.10. The wallpaper looks pale at it’s first look but it’s great with soothing effect on eye. Also, Ubuntu 12.10  [ Read More ]

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Nautilus has been updated to the new version 3.5.90 in Ubuntu 12.10 with exciting additions, usability and look. The new 3.5.90 release comes with support for Bookmarks, allows the user to easily access commonly used options, such as Zoom In, Zoom Out, sort By Name, By Type, Show Hidden Files, etc, useful bundle properly exposed  [ Read More ]

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A new innovative feature has been landed in Ubuntu 12.10 development version. This feature is known as Unity Previews. We all know the Unity usability in Ubuntu. You can search and open application which is a single action. With the introduction of Unity Previews, user can now have a preview of an application using the  [ Read More ]

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Ubuntu’s default file manager Nautilus getting major surgery and new look in forthcoming Ubuntu 12.10. However, the changes are still in beta. Hence, the Filemanager looks bit strange with the default theme Ambiance. Luckily, this isn’t permanent look as the theming support will be addressed. The noticeable changes in the filemanager are: Use of symbolic  [ Read More ]

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